Today in Memes: Anime Tiddies

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Anime Tiddies is an intentionally misspelled term used to refer to gratuitous depiction of breasts of female characters in anime series and films. In late 2014, the term gained popular usage among anime and otaku fans in a similar vein to the phrase “I watch it for the plot”.


Oppai[1] (おっぱい) is the Japanese slang word for breasts, generally used to refer to the larger variety. Various anime series have gained a reputation for focusing on fan service and placing less emphasis on the story. In this context, female breasts in anime have gained both a famous and infamous reputation due to their often excessive size even amongst younger characters. Manga and anime featuring oppai are often popular for their fanservice.



Gainaxing,[2] also known as the Gainax Bounce Effect, is the act of drawing a female anime character with unusually large breasts and which move around gratuitously and often seemingly without a bra. The practice was coined some time before 1993 in reference to the anime production Studio Gainax, many of whose earlier releases made use of this particular variety of fanservice.


On October 7th, 2014, Tumblr user Cyberjock[3] posted a “pick two”-type triangle featuring the choices for an anime with a combination of good story, good art, or big titties. At a later date, Tumblr user Gookgod reblogged this with the comment “*chooses big titties twice*” (shown below, left), although he later deleted it.[4] In the following half year, the post managed to gather over 70,000 notes, with many reblogs featuring gookgod’s addition.


On March 9th, 2015, Tumblr user Closetanimegirl posted a edited manga panel in which a character searches the internet for “anime tiddies” (shown below, right).[5] In the following month and a half, the post managed to gather over 52,000 notes.


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