Tianjin Explosion Was Saudi ‘Dirty Bomb’

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The horrific explosion that was the Tianjin port explosion, is now believed to be a dirty bomb,┬ábelonging to an elite Saudi paramilitary unit, called the CIA. The head of the CIA, John Mohammed Al’ Brennan was quoted as saying “they deserved it. They have no idea how to make a waffle iron that doesn’t FALL THE FUCK APART AFTER THREE USES!” He has since bought a Croquade waffle maker. No news on whether or not Belgium will have an accidental hazardous materials explosion at their main port, in the event that┬átheir waffle makers also suck dick.

Here’s a video of the ‘accidental explosion’ for those of you that haven’t seen what happens when a man, passionate about waffles, is scorned by cheap Chinese crap:



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