Hillary Uses Rainbow Cascade of Pantsuits to Come Out of The Closet

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Well, you guys….Hillary Clinton (pictured here, Zeig Heil’ing in her future prison jumpsuit) is FINALLY coming out of the closet. Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton loves beev. She avoided the discussion for a long time, but Hillary, we want you to know that we definitely know! From her desperate, sex-starved husband, to Anthony Wiener’s wife (her “body guard”) spending 24-7 with her (leaving her husband to expose his *ahem* last name to young women on Craigslist) , Hil wasn’t fooling anyone.

Sources close to Mrs Clinton say that she won’t be ready to come out in public, until after her rigged Democratic primary election victory, where she will reveal that she’s been taking magic carpet rides since first discovering “a whole new world” with loony Beatles destroyer, Yoko Ono. She is choosing to use her colorful and stylish pantsuit selection as a sophisticated and passive way of letting everyone know she plays for team rainbow. This is thought to be the first passive behavior she has ever exhibited in her, almost, hundred years of being an ultra-aggressive bull dyke sociopath.

Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier are both reported to be using Hillary’s ‘ballsy’ fashion statement to develop their 2016 Spring Women’s ready-to-wear lines: the first time Milan will see women in codpieces walk the runway. “I love the shapeless lines, the authoritative shoulder pads, and the menacing crotch bulge. It really sets Hillary apart from even the most impressive Democratic party fashion trend setters”, said Gaultier, giving a nod to a past fashion muse of his, Janet Reno. “We can’t wait to see what pantsuit she will don in her next press interview, denying responsibility for Benghazi. We just can’t.”


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