An Ode to Deez Nutz. Troll level: 1 Million.

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Perhaps for the first time in election history, there is a ‘ballsy’ candidate who can take on the pedigreed liars that have traditionally held the highest office in our land. That candidate? DEEZ NUTZ. DEEZ NUTZ, really a cornfed 15 year old Iowan farm boy, has garnered 9% in the poles. This young troll has a skill level recently unseen in the wild. All that time on a corn farm can make you think amazingly sadistic, troll-like things. Anyway… Dailytrolls will be voting for DEEZ NUTZ in the GOP primary, and we hope you will, too!

Everyone is so incredibly tired of the bipartisan voting system.

So a new candidate came into town.

The kind of candidate that the people of America can take seriously.

The type of candidate that means business.

The kind of candidate that pisses off Donald Trump,...

and makes a mockery of the pathetic liars running for president.

That Candidate? DEEZ NUTZ.

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